The Crumblegiant (2007)

A black and white animated film, with sweeping visual perspective and dreamlike half-remembered imagery from childhood. It is drawn as though using rough charcoal to forge a world of simplicity and ancient memories.

An old woman in hospital recalls an episode from her youth, about persistent and scary demonic crows always looking to torment and attack her. Her protector, the Crumblegiant, is an unseen and benevolent force which rises up and banishes them. But are these memories a true recollection?

Inquisitive and bright children of all ages will surely love the lusciously produced and imaginative animation. Its storytelling is lent a comforting authority by the smooth, soothing and grandfatherly voice-over of Bernard Hill. The only real issue is the telling of the finale, whereupon the pace of the film draws up swiftly into minimal resolution.

New limited edition book and iBook of the Bafta-nominated animated film are now available.